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Are you our lucky winner?

The Dyson Design stand at Spring Fair 2023

Visitors to our stand at Spring Fair had the chance to enter a prize draw to win a stunning Kingfisher print, signed by the artist Laura Andrew.

The image is one of 12 superb watercolours by Laura depicting favourite British birds that make up our Splash Birds greeting card collection.

Since its launch at PG Live 2022, customers old and new have made this one of our best-selling ranges.

Were you our lucky winner?

Click here to see our graphic designer Rachel Vernon making the prize draw with commentary from Helen Dyson.

Good luck!

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What lies beneath

It’s snowdrops for most people, but for me the nicest indicator of Spring is the hellebore.

They have been hiding underneath the snow, but now they are revealed. The flowerheads need to be upturned to fully appreciate just how lovely they are.

Apparently in Greek mythology, Melampus of Pylos used hellebores to save the daughters of the King of Argos. They had been overcome by a madness induced by Dionysus that caused them to run naked through the streets – crying, weeping and screaming. Goodness me!

Well here are some of my Dad’s lovely hellebores, photographed by Neil Robinson for our Fabulous Flowers range.

View all our Fabulous Flowers hellebore greeting cards

Originally blogged Wednesday, 30 January 2013