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It’s a very special year for us as we celebrate our 20th birthday

Back in 2004, I arrived at Spring Fair bursting with enthusiasm for my new greeting card business.

It’s not always been easy! There was the day when I couldn’t get to our stand at the NEC because I was snowed in. Or when I had to hang on to our marquee in a Torquay tornado, and I once took an order in the pitch black “dungeon” at Harrogate during a power cut.

Two decades on, we’re proud to still be a small, family-run business, designing and printing all our cards in the UK. 

It makes me very happy to think about our cards bringing joy, friendship and solace to people, and even being framed and displayed in people’s homes.

Thank you to you, our wonderful clients with your lovely shops, museums and stately homes and gardens.

Thank you to our partners at David Austin Roses and the talented artists, Brian James, Diana Fegredo and Laura Andrew, whose brilliant artworks extend our collections. 

Today we have one of the most varied catalogues out there, making it easier for smaller retailers to put together a carriage-paid order.

A huge thank you to Rachel, who works alongside me bringing our designs to life, and my long-suffering husband, Duncan, as well as Elaine, our unflappable packer, our photographers, printers and envelope suppliers, and everyone who has supported us on this incredible journey.

Lastly, I’m pleased to tell you that with the exception of two ranges, we’ve held our prices on the complete Dyson Design collection.

Whether you’re a new client or someone who’s been with us since the early days, thank you very much for your support.